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Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Versace" Spring Summer 2013 Milan Runway Pret a Porter

STYLE WATCH: Solange Knowles Looks Glam in Rubin Singer

*(Please pardon the watermarks on the pictures but I refuse to pay $100+ for pictures!) I'd love this look even more if her afro was a little bigger and fuller!

Nicki Minaj Confirmed for 3 Reality Specials Coming to Stars in E!

According to Nicki Minaj‘s interview with Perez Hilton this week, she’s “still considering” her reality TV options, but all signs point to some Nicki-based reality programming coming our way soon. Explained Minaj,“I will say that I find the more people see, is the more they understand, and then it’s the more they like you. When you pull them in your world, they see you as a real person. I’m not running away from it anymore.” Good to hear, because according to Deadline, Nicki is already shooting for E! “The plan is to do specials with her, not a whole series,” a source claims, reporting that the “Pound The Alarm” star will be making three specials to air this fall. Honestly, we’re torn about the whole idea. On one hand…of course. These specials will obviously be a delight. On the other hand, we’re sort of reluctant to let our bubblegum hip-hop realness get in our reality TV, and vice versa. At least without a lot of contemplation first. Pro: Our first reaction is to assume more Nicki is always better than less Nicki. Bring on the specials! Con: We’re already going to be seeing Nicki weekly on American Idol. Does she actually need to do “specials” on top of it? We wouldn’t want to risk America having a Minaj overload. Plus you know if those specials are successful, they are going to start asking her to do a show…and then can a lingerie line at Sears be far behind? Pro: A few E! specials would introduce Minaj to a host of new fans. Your mom certainly didn’t learn about Kim Kardashian from the sex tape. Con: More time on TV projects means less time devoted to her next album! Did you see the way Nicki dodged the album question during the Perez interview? We don’t like the idea of a belated Nicki album one bit! Pro: Japan, China, Europe. Focusing on reality TV for a while might offer Nicki a nice break from touring the globe. “I haven’t sat in one place in such a long time,” she sighs about shooting A.I. in L.A. Focusing on reality programming would give her a much needed break from sleeping sitting up in First Class! Con: Would offer a horrible break from touring, from the fans’ perspective. Pro: As much as we love rehearsed, polished Nicki, unscripted Nicki will win every time. Remember her My Time Now documentary on MTV? Shoot. Now that was a special. We must watch this clip every other week just to keep going. Plus we really, really want to see what happens if she winds up at a photoshoot and they just have some motherf—ing pickle slices on board. Con: We would say the con is we might see Nicki flip out on her manager or get into a shouting match with a flustered make-up artist or something, but in all honesty we are praying for those things to happen. In all three specials. Oh my god, what if she lets them film her without her makeup on? There is a lot of potential for these specials, now that we think about it. What do you think? How much should Nicki could be too much, or “too much” in the best sense possible?

Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2013 Runway

NEW MUSIK VIDEO: "Luxury" - Azealia Banks

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