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Monday, October 1, 2012

Exclusive Footage: Maybach Music's Gunplay Gets Jumped by 50 Cent's Entourage

Unfortunately this is the only footage of the fight as it happens....excuse the crazy video! A stylist friend of mine was there and he confirms three seperate beefs: Diddy vs. 50 Cent , Jeezy vs. Rick Ross , Gunplay vs. 50 Cent's camp. Everybody knows 50 Cent is a live wire and he looks for opportunities to scuffle, so Diddy doesn't stand a chance even with French Montana backing him. Jeezy vs. Rick Ross would've been the most interesting to see unfold...they both can hold thier own weight (no pun intended! LOL). Rick Ross would've supported his protege Gunplay in his fight against 50's camp but he probably had his hands full with Jeezy...and of course labelmates Meek Mill and Wale would've had Rick's back first and foremost. That's probably why Gunplay was left to pretty much fend for himself and he ended up getting his chain snatched and his beatdown caught on tape for the world to see. #FAIL The BET Hip Hop Awards is officially OUT OF CONTROL! I get an invite to go almost every year but this is exactly why I refuse to support such nonsense! If they keep this ratchetness up, the Hip Hop Awards will be canceled indefinitely.... its so sad that a few bad apples could ruin the entire awards show and great hip hop artists won't get any recognition for their hard work.

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