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Friday, October 5, 2012

Lady Gaga Releases New Rap Song : "Cake Like Lady Gaga"

Beyonce for Fall 2012 House of Dereon

Momma may I explain to the kiddies what just happened???? You've just been served a hot plate of thighs and gravy by the Queen B... oh, and that dazed & confused feeling will wear off once Your Royal Highness aka Madame Butterscotch aka Queen of the Hair Whip aka Mother of all things Fierce leaves the building!! Do not attempt to re-adjust your TV screens or radio stations.... the takeover has already been completed! ...and now back to our regularly scheduled program!! This look is EVERYTHING!!!! And that hair is something Mrs. "Alicia Off-Keys Lately" tried to do but couldn't pull this Girl is on Fire!!

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