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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Iris Van Herpen Couture Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Couture Fashion Week are no words to describe how unreal this show is!

This collection was so visually stimulating that my sensory-overloaded brain had to rest a moment to process the amazingness that I had just witnessed. Iris gave me the same giddy feelings I get when I see Sarah Burton's work for Alexander McQueen, but even more so. It makes you wonder what inspires her and what her thought process was when she created this collection. Is she from planet Earth or is she a really an alien posing as a human, bringing the fashions of her world into ours? Either way, I'm totally here for every single design she can think up!

I love artistic individuals like Iris and we desperately need more people like her in fashion, stirring the pot and contributing new shapes and designs that push the boundaries of normal. I thought this collection was THE collection of Paris Couture Fashion Week. I could totally see other designers like Mugler, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, ect. taking notes and getting thier life from Iris Van Herpens' Couture. If I was her financial backer, I would've been so proud to be apart of and support such an immense talent. I predict that the demand for her couture designs is so great that every collection she does will be completely sold out. I pray she makes millions of dollars every season from her collections...she truly deserves every penny because she puts her whole heart into every piece and you feel like you're getting a bit of her creative genius.

P.S. I adored the coat @ 5:08. I imagined the model rolling around in a field of fuzzy dandelions while wearing her black latex coat and they stuck to it in a beautiful pattern....

Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2013 | Paris Couture Fashion Week

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